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We are super excited to have such a variety and excellence of art works and to bring together nature to the gallery.
Curated by Joaquin Goldstein
Opening reception: Thursday Oct 19, 6-9pm
Show runs through Nov 11
Gallery hrs. Wed- Sat 12-6pm
Music event Nov 4, 8-11pm
Closing potluck dinner, Nov 11 4pm

Adam Cable, Allen Zatko, Anderson Correa de Araujo, Beverly Boydston, Carter Thornton, Colleen Cunningham, Cristina Ferrigno, Dana Stirling, Deanna Lee, Deborah Wasserman, Elizabeth Bisbing, Erica Roe, Gayla Martin, Glen Goodenough, Hedwig Brouckaert, Ivan Sikic, Jana Astanov, Janice Quiles-Reyes, Jenny Kroik, Joanne agabs, John Baber, Joyce S Chan, Julianne Nash, June Kosloff, Keith Pavia, Kristen Bartley, Leslie Tucker, Lobina Kaniz Kalam, Maria Liebana, Margaret McCarthy, Margaux Panel, Mary Pinto, Mikiodo, Ming-Jer Kuo, Miriam Ancis, Nan Xu, Nina Dine, Patricia Iranzo, Patrick Neal, Paul Anagnostopoulos, Paul Nicholson, Rick Anthony Diaz, Rebecca Shavulsky, Robin Cole, Shannon McBride, Sheila Ross, Stephanie Pecora, Suzanne Pemberton, Taissia Basaria, Yael Dresdner, Zoa Martinez.

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