Please joins us for the opening reception ofQUEER WEAVERS & THE SHRIEKS OF HAGALON Featured Artists: Damali Abrams, Pauli Cakes, Elisa Ghs, Undakova, Julia Maria, Greem Jellyfish, Andy Boyce, Fran Ledonio Flaherty & Susannah Simpsoncurated by Katie Cercone Gallery hrs Thurs-Fri- Sat 12-6pmother times please email This show brings together spiritually nomadic sex-positive radicals working in the mediums of fabric, installation, herbalism, healing, new […]


Opening Reception Saturday March 23, 5-8pm Show runs through April 6 To live in the modern world, we ask: How are we surrounded by so many? How do we all live in the same place? Are we all different? Can we tell who’s around just by looking? How many can we see with these eyes? How many do we wish to see? A City of […]

A City of One’s Own 03/23/19

Please join us at the closing of LOVE/HATE exhibition with performance art by The Maira Duarte + Miu Soda Duo from Dance to the People, Jamie Mcgann, Eugenia Pigassiou and Astral Loop, curated by Jana Astanov. As a society, it seems that we are fighting to prevail with Love but we are doing it with Hate. Is love enough anymore? If we all understood love, […]

Love/Hate Closing Performance Night/Last Supper 02/16/19

Friday January 25th, 6:30-8pmat Local Project Join us for an evening of art and discussion with Jody Wood and Drew Elizabeth Barnes. Wood will screen a new video work in progress marking her first exploration of in-home care, and will share her recently completed community-based project, Choreographing Care. Drew Elizabeth Barnes, LMSW, will share her background working with in-home care agencies, her creative community-engagement projects, and her current work with Concerts in Motion.  Supported […]


Opening Tuesday Dec. 11th 6-8pm  Dream (Almost) presents new work by Nada Shalaby on the relationship between memory and urban space. This includes a series reflecting on loss, transformation and sites of trauma in the city of Cairo, and an installation of Two-Worlds, a project soliciting stories from New York residents on spaces in the city that spark a memory of another place they have experienced. […]

Dream (almost) 12/11/18