Express guide to writing a good resume

A resume is a casting call, but in the extreme. To learn how to write a resume competently, everyone can use the help of By following the tips, you will easily achieve what you want.

We have less than 6 seconds to "move on to the next step" or stay there, in the sad box of forgotten resumes.

The image you show on your resume will be your perfect ally or your worst enemy (public). You present yourself to a stranger, and your picture "speaks" for and about you.

Include contact information on your resume

Your first name, last name, mailing address, and ways to contact you: email address and phone number.

Include a brief personal resume

It's eye-catching and hooks you in. Like a good headline.

A little "about me" where you describe yourself in a sincere, original and different way (time to show your creative side).

Avoid the typical cliché based on platitudes such as "responsible", "teamwork" or "good organizational skills", as well as excessive self-promotion: "professional, expert ...", writer of forgotten resumes.

Professional experience on your resume

Always remember where you are going to send your resume, to what company and in what sector.

Indicate your most relevant professional experience as required by the offer.

Other skills and abilities on your resume

And on top of that, don't forget to include languages, skills and other abilities you have on your resume. Include visual or graphic elements to make it more appealing.

For inspiration, you can rely on the free templates preloaded on to help you write the perfect resume.