Opening Reception
May 18, Thursday, 6-9 pm
May 18-21
May 20, Saturday, 3-6pm

Please join us in this interdisciplinary and interactive exhibit at Local Project as part of the Long Island City Arts Open Festival this May 2017.

Inherited Trauma (curated by Aditi Kini) immerses and challenges audiences with cross-cultural, multi-media meditations on the meaning of memory, the inheritance of loss, and concepts of time. It creates a participatory space, where viewers encounter the performativity of memory through each artist’s emotional and aesthetic understanding of their past. Inherited trauma, going by many names, has been studied through a variety of lenses including epigenetics, nonfiction, psychology and postcolonial studies. Trauma can be passed down through DNA, through upbringing, through unspoken secrets. How does one locate the source of echoes of the past? Artists in Inherited Trauma reconfigure perspectives on the past, investigate the present, create alternate universes and raise questions about the linearity of time.
Featured Artists:
Zain Alam (“form and freedom”)
Vikrant Sunderlal Chandel (“repurposed”)
Hanna Edizel (“Untitled – World”)
Tenaya Izu (“Noh/Know/No”)
Hira Jafri (“Munni Ki Nani Ki Sari”)
Danni Lin (“Carp Pox”)

On May 20, artists and scholars will convene to perform, read and revisit their inherited trauma in the space of the exhibit. Including:

Rob Rusli – “I <3 U ALWAYS 4EVER”  (performance art)
Yusuf Siddiquee – “Stressed” (live music)
M Chilton “mikvah” (live music)
Deren Ertas “Trauma and Political Action” (talk)
Shervin Ravan “The container and the contained: Self erasure in inherited trauma” (talk)
Cameron Couch “Let’s Feel Uncomfortable Together” (poetry)
Zorica Čolić “Well-beings” (video)
Eli Sundae – Selections from EP (live music)

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council


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