Dear Local Project Supporter,

We can’t wait for you, our community of supporters, and friends to join us to celebrate and help raise funds for Local Project. We are so proud of our work, that regardless of the size of our organization, we have been able to continue to keep Local Project’s mission alive for over 15 years!!

The funds collected from the Anti- Gala will help support Local Project continue to provide a space for local Artists to exhibit their work, engage the community, and serve the Long Island City community at large. We are a volunteer run organization that depends on our community’s support to provide our unique brand of programming and social events. Local Project is a 501(c) non-profit organization for the benefit of Long Island City’s Artist Community.




Image by Dom Moore


My performances are interactive structures that involve movement, narrative and ritual practices like chanting, repeated gestures and gazing, to create a sensate journey that audience practitioners become a part of and are invested in. I am also a glossolalia vocalist. I use speaking in tongues in addition to previously written lyrics, as elements in a performance score. I am interested in how the archetypes of shaman, healer, activist, muse and storyteller impact the public realm and how they can be used to heal and guide us in times of trouble. No doubt, we are in troubling times now and I believe that it is my role as an artist to activate and be part of a remembering of the transforming power of communal space. I agree with Nina’s Simone’s dictum that the mission of the artist is to “respond to the times in which I find myself”.




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