If you missed the last performance here’s your 2nd chance…

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, May 1st I will begin the performance series: ” I Don’t Want Bent Foil” [This will be a participatory event] 7pm-8:30pm in the main concourse of the Falchi Building, 31-00 47th Ave., LIC, NY, 11101 Directions: Take 7 train to 33rd St

A BOX IN THE WORLD was curated by Matti Havens and Leili Huzaibah, for Local Project. April 17 – June 17th the collaborative efforts will evolve and flux as they coexist in a 10×4 glass vitrine. We invite the public to participate, add, observe, interact, criticize, and document.


“Stay with Me” (view video on seat above) HERE: Video by Dasheen Nunnie Jordan.

Ayana Evans “I Don’t Want Bent Foil” The new project expands upon the concepts of “Stay with Me.” Opening: May 1st, Performance start time: 7:30pm AUDIENCE NEEDED. This performance will be an extension of the durational drinking from closing reception of “Stay With Me.” [Hint: wedding dresses + foil] Durational Project,Thursday, May 8th 12pm-6pm Closing: FLASH PARTY Saturday, May 10th , start time 8pm **This really is a FLASH party come too late and you will miss it!** AND YOU DONT WANNA MISS IT. Each performance will be a different experience. All will be held in the main concourse of the Falchi building at 31-00 47th Ave., LIC, NY, 1110 in association with Local Project. Can’t make it May 1st and 10th? Shame on you, but check out other A Box in the World events here: Hope to see you all soon! Xo, Yana