VII Maratón Cultural Sat. July 25, 2015

VII Maratón Cultura Arternativo.


Poetas en Nueva York Collective invites the community to participate in the VII Cultural Marathon – Arternativo. Meeting for a period of 12 hours to share and celebrate with poetry, music, performance, visual arts and other artistic expressions of cultural diversity in the City of New York.

Poetas en Nueva York is a group dedicated to the formation of cultural spaces that serve as a platform for local and international artists. The collective has organized and continuously participated in various cultural events in the United States and other countries of America since 2004. Our goal is to generate dynamics that contribute to the creation, development and diffusion of artistic expressions in order to promote the integration and construction of alternative spaces that strengthens cultural diversity.

This event is FREE and open to all

Saturday July 25th 12pm-12am