The Feeling is Mutual 07/13/18

Opening July 13, 2018

The Feeling is Mutual is an ongoing group exhibition that examines the concept of family values through photography-based media. Each artist photographs within his or her own family, be they biological or chosen. There is an emotional investment in portraying the subject because of their intimate relationship. The result of this investment shows in the mutual affinity one can sense and see in the work. more info at

Participating Artists: Sarah Hiatt, Samantha Belden, Blane Bussey, Nydia Blas, Troy Colby, Graham Carroll, Sarah Stracke, Leigh Kaulbach, Alison Dowd, Juan Hiraldo, Tonia Hughes, Bonnie Astor, Sara Winston, Julia Dunham, Sean Corcoran, Mickey Aloisio, Rebecca Major, Loretta Lomato, David Rivera, Olivia Hunter, Axel Jenson, Nicole Bull, Susan Rippberger, Ji Yeon Yu, K T Krug, Jakob Janz, Ann Waddle, Kenneth Guthrie, Sunny Leerasanthanah, Laura Pawson, Amanda Cerami, Jenn Sova.
Curated by Rebecca Memoli