Love/Hate Closing Performance Night/Last Supper 02/16/19

Please join us at the closing of LOVE/HATE exhibition with performance art by The Maira Duarte + Miu Soda Duo from Dance to the People, Jamie Mcgann, Eugenia Pigassiou and Astral Loop, curated by Jana Astanov.

As a society, it seems that we are fighting to prevail with Love but we are doing it with Hate. Is love enough anymore? If we all understood love, then there would be no hate, are those that have embraced hate have been duped to thinking its love?

participating artist : Aileen Bassis, Andrea Bass, Barbara Slitkin, Elizabeth Tolson, Eugenia Pigassiou, Fulvia Zambon, Issa Ibrahim, Jason Bryant, Jenny Young, Joey Steigelman, John Richey, Joseph Lawrence, Joseph Poon, JP Anne Giera, Julia Justo, Kateryne Lora, Margaret McCarthy, Marianna Peragallo, Mario Joyce Belyusar, Monica Z, Nutthawut Siridejchai, Sally Jerome, Shyla Idris, Tim Kelly, Tom Bogaert, Tony Loftman, Zack Federbush, SeungTack Lim

Featured photo The Maira Duarte + Miu Soda Duo from Dance to the People