DREAM BEAT Taurus: Feminine Force 05/04/19

Dream Beat is a contemporary wellness party ritual drawing together creative radicals, visionaries and those who wish to connect to the divinity found in the mind, sacred arts & nature.

Co-led by Undakova & High Prieztezz Or Nah plus rotating featured artists, our Dream Beat events will allow you to collectively practice holistic techniques designed to cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion.

This month’s ritual falls on a New Moon in Taurus ♉️ Astrologer Yannanda says this New Moon cycle represents a New Feminine Force and Return to Nature’s Cycles. Ruled by loving Venus, Taurus is Earth Goddess par excellence. Let’s circle up to root and rise.

This month’s ritual coincides with the art exhibition Queer Weavers & the Shrieks of Hagalon- Opening May 2-19th, curated by Katie Cercone at Local Project Art Space
Come early to check out the art !

Arrive between 1-1:30pm for a soft start, take your time to gradually drop into the space and meet our community

Featured Artists :

– Yannanda The One Who Speaks With The Stars
aka Jana Astanov http://www.janaastanov.com/

– Hip Hop Yoga Cipher led by Undakova

– Dance warm-up led by Charlotte Cwikowski

– Transformational breathwork & Heart-warming Cacao Ceremony Love led by High Prieztezz Or Nah

– Chakra Balancing sessions with Julianna Twine

– Tarot readings by Tristen Goodwin


You do not need tickets for this Dream Beat, it is free and open to the public

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QUEER WEAVERS exhibition on view features artwork by Elisa Ghs Julia Maria Damali Abrams Fran Ledonio Flaherty Susannah Simpson Andy Boyce Pauli Cakes Greem Jellyfish