NOW is the Future – 08/01/19

August 1- 17 , 2019
Opening Night August 1, 6-9pm
Gallery Hrs Wed- Sat 12-6pm
Performance night TBA
Potluck dinner TBA

We are obsessed with the past but always thinking about the future, and as we live in the moment we always think that tomorrow will be better.

We are looking for a representation of your perception of the future in the past -Visions of future cities, landscapes, personal hopes and dreams.
So much we thought up as fiction has become real.
How did you think of the future 1/5/10 years ago?
Where are we headed?
Where are you headed?

Participating Artist:
Aude Verbrugge, Carol Radsprecher, Christian Gallo, Christine Lee Tyler, Christopher Lin , Christy Becker, Connie Perry, Eduardo Escamilla, Elizabeth Tibbetts, Fulvia Zambon, Gavin DubbleX Alleyne, Ivana Larrosa, Jana Astanov, Jonathan Duff, Joseph Dolinsky, Kaiwai Wong, Kate Sharkey, Katharine Ryals, Katherine Emely Gomez, Komikka Patton, Lorie Caval, Marco Venegas, Michael Grasso/Jazzmint Dash, Norma Greenwood, Sarah Schecker, Stacy Seiler, Tsailing Tseng, Victoria Febrer