Manifesting Myths 4/16-4/30 2022

Manifesting Myths is a show casting a contemporary light on ancient mythology and sparking conversations on equality, universality, and identity. This exhibition presents an alternative representation of the ideology behind myths. The conceptualization of the idea of Myth is remixed, through these presented artworks, taking those outdated ideals and terms and releasing them through the malleable manifestation of the rebirthing of the examined self through mythological Beings. Doing so asks the right questions instead of setting boundaries of set accusations. The world is not so black and white, and in the end wouldn’t we all love to be a part of the story, falling into the mythological?

The exhibition is curated by Rowynn Dumont, with artworks by Gabriella Mazza, Judith Keeshan, Stefania Salles Bruins, and Zack Federbush. Manifesting Myths is sponsored by Local Project’s Emerging Curators Program. 

Exhibition Dates:
April 16th – 30th, 2022 

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday – Sunday 12pm – 6pm 

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 16th / 5pm – 9pm
Sounds provided by DJ Mark Gertz of Black Rainbow 

Closing Reception and Artist Talk:
Saturday, April 30th / 5pm – 9pm