Liz Foulks Presents “Corporeal Landscape: Remix Edition” 5/1/23-5/14/23


Opening Reception:
Friday, May 5th from 7-9PM

Gallery Hours:
On view from May 1 – 14, 2023
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: 12 – 5PM, or by appointment

In her second solo exhibition this year, Liz Foulks is pleased to present Corporeal Landscape: Remix Edition at Local Project Art Space. This selection of works is an extension and altered state of paintings that she showed at the Buster Levi Gallery in NY this past February.

Through a series of black & white paintings derived from a study of classic sculptures, the Corporeal Landscape concept examines the disorienting experience of shifting familiar sights into otherworldly contexts. Using the most familiar and personal of forms – the human body – as a source of manipulation, this large yet flexible piece plays with the viewerʼs eye through surprising transformations of arms, legs, fingers, and other bodily forms.

Calves morph into collarbones, elbows into knees, thighs into forearms. Thickly-contrasted tendons and ligaments – some anatomically fictional – produce a deeply graphic quality. Empty voids engulf portions of the body, yielding a surreal push-and-pull effect. Overall, this bodily landscape coaxes viewers to decide what they perceive as real and unreal.

This remix edition of Corporeal Landscape is a transformed curation of the works, with varying arrangements, orientations, and a re-emergence of previous pieces from years past. Some paintings are flipped on their heads, or rotated in a different direction than their original positioning. This show presents the works in a novel way, and ultimately reveals the malleability of the concept as well as the art itself.

About the Artist:

Liz is a NYC-based visual artist specializing in contemporary realism and portraiture. Her work explores the nuances of the human form and the unique reflections that occur when pairing them with abstract moments. Liz began creating art at an early age and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Fordham University in 2016. She currently leads the in-house Graphic Design team as the Creative Director of an ad tech company.

Her work has been displayed at the Lipani Gallery, the Ildiko Butler Gallery, and the Buster Levi Gallery in NY. Many of her paintings reside in the homes of private collectors.

View more of her work at or her Instagram portfolio: @lizfoulks_art To contact the artist: