“My Amygdala” by Alexa D’Amato-Orloff 10/1/22

My Amygdala

a solo exhibition of works by artist Alexa D’Amato-Orloff
Saturday, October 1, 2022


Alexa D’Amato-Orloff’s artwork aims to connect a variety of different subject matters to a combination of mediums that can best represent them. The connection between the medium and the subject matter is meant to provoke emotion in a very deliberate way, each aspect of the piece with a clear intent and contribution to the whole. Alexa’s art is inspired by adversities faced throughout her life and the pressures of being a teenage girl in the 21st century. The most common theme of her work is mental health awareness, more specifically self perception and social pressures. These mixed media pieces are meant to make the viewer emphasize the sentiments that the work represents, largely through her use of the human face to convey these emotions.