WINTER SECRETS GROUP SHOW Saturday 13th, Dec, 2014


The messenger by Khalil Charif
We are exited to invite you this weekend, Saturday 13th, for a toast at Local Project last show of the year 2014 “Winter Secrets”.
Celebrate with us art, community, friends, and all the goals accomplished in the year 2014, because nothing happens if is not for the support we’ve had from the community and friends of LP we are every day thankful and want to toast to you!

Opening reception Saturday 13, 6pm-9pm

Artist in the show:

Consuelo Vila-Da Costa, Claudia Schellenberg, Eleanor Rahim, Elinore Schnurr, Elsie Apacible, Erika Roth, Jean-Marie Guyaux, Jorge Ivan Posada, K.C. Trommer, Khalil Charif, Kristen Martin, Ksenia Baranova, Kyeom Kim, Leonora Retsas, Linda Kamille Schmidt, Lito Vales, Maria Dimanshtein, Maria Spector, Marna Chester, Mary Giancoli, Max Tzinman, Michele Rave Grassani, Michelle O’Connell, Pamela Stein, Paul Farinacci, Rafael O Gonzalez, Rodolfo Graziano C., Susan Baus, Uniqua Simmons, Yoorim Park.

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