The Freak Show – PERFORMANCE

​Please join us Saturday August 25th 7-10pm, for The Freak Show’s performance art night! Political, experimental, put on, satire, pure absurd, free range, heart-or-ass-felt it’s a must-see costume welcome soiree of freaky delights!

Curated by Jana Astanov

Uniska Wahala Kano: My ability to create art is a reflection of my strict muslim upbringing. I am extremely prideful of my insatiable talent to win over a crowd with undying humor and laughter. My ability to make people laugh is from the trauma experiencing reckless abandonment bullying and feeling like an outcast from the American mold. Unable to assimilate during high school and adulthood has given me the ability to win over crowds. My vibrant personality allows me to create a niche in the performance art world. Objectification is the main object of my performance art. To create a whole new exterior so my environment can be changed. I want to change the world by creating a traumatic experience for the viewer and a cathartic experience for myself.

Born into his 63rd life in 2006, Borts Minorts has lived in San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles with an alumni of 17 MINORCHESTRAL member / musicians and 13 dancers. With 2 nominations from the S.F. Weekly for Best Experimental Music and loads of glowing press, Borts Minorts and his arsenal of spandex jumpsuits along with his home made instruments, take pride in blending the absolute weirdest structured chaotic musical concepts of The Residents with the spirit and over the top showmanship of rock legends like David Lee Roth and Iggy Pop. Borts fits in nowhere and everywhere. Even the most jaded can’t help but to leave a Borts show smiling!

Kalan Sherrard (Enormousface) is a slime mold who lives in a (w)hole in the ground with 17 wild dogs. Based in New York City, he builds huge trundling grotesque structures out of garbage and has been proliferating Not-Happenings and Puppet Shows around the Americas and Europe for a decade. Kalan is a student of Comparative Literature and Doctor of Misunderstanding, and lectures periodically on Ontological Nihilist Anarchist Praxis.


Courtney Frances Fallon is a writer, director, performer, and artist. Writing is her primary art form but she has found that it is integral to her practice in all other art forms. Her work predominantly deals with gender, politics, and the politicization of female bodies.

Eugenia Pigassiou is a performance and video artist who plays in the realms of the absurd and the ridiculous leading to surprising subversions. Her performances and videos include The Flux Factory/LIC, LIC Arts Open/Plaxall Gallery and The Factory, LIC Artists/Plaxall Gallery, Air Gallery/DUMBO, Local Project, Street Theater including Earth Day/Central Park and Fashion Week/Bryant Park, NYC Dance Parade, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, and Comedy Clubs in Queens and Manhattan.