In the late 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, graffiti was considered ugly, illegal, and a nuisance. Today, graffiti is now considered art that is even being collected by museums around the world. Galleries regularly do exhibitions of graffiti artists. These shows are mostly done with individual graffiti artists, or a bunch haphazardly grouped together. As it is great that this art form is finally being […]

MAFIA Reunion 6/25/22-7/9/22

Animisms, Those Queer Transmissions (Part One) Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 2PM Animisms, Those Queer Transmissions is a performance and film series featuring the works of black queer artists exploring the connections between sentient and non-sentient subjects and objects. Part One of this ongoing study defines aliveness as less about flesh and bone and more about imagination and the power to imbue. The privilege of […]

Animisms, Those Queer Transmissions (Part One) 6/4/2022

How do we navigate desire? How do we find pleasure, how do we experience our bodies? When are the moments that we feel light and at ease? The exhibition “The Body That Loves You” explores themes of vulnerability, intimacy, and self-discovery. “The Body that Loves You” offers an opportunity to reimagine what a body means, how can it be redefined, and what it can do, through storytelling, […]

The Body That Loves You 6/5/22-6/18/22

Painting workshop inside a gallery, guided by an active artist and studio painter. Materials and drinks provided. Sunday May 29, 5-8 PM Sign-Up via Eventbrite Come solo or with friends to an evening of interactive painting and self reflection. We are not painting sailboats or sunsets…no. As the title suggests, A.Bermeo will guide, assist. Throwing the occasional curve-ball. During our process of exploration you’ll be […]

Not Your Typical Sip-n-Paint 5/29/22 5-8PM

Imperfections Promo Graphic
As artists continue to illustrate and confront brutal truths in our world since before and after 2020’s harsh realities, there has been a noticeable spike in awareness and accessibility of mental health services in New York City and beyond.  Although art therapy can be viewed to activate moods and affirmations, this duo exhibition of contemporary works dive into personal thoughts and ideas on the benefits […]

Imperfections 5/7-5/21 2022

Manifesting Myths is a show casting a contemporary light on ancient mythology and sparking conversations on equality, universality, and identity. This exhibition presents an alternative representation of the ideology behind myths. The conceptualization of the idea of Myth is remixed, through these presented artworks, taking those outdated ideals and terms and releasing them through the malleable manifestation of the rebirthing of the examined self through mythological […]

Manifesting Myths 4/16-4/30 2022